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Maron Bouillie

is a French brand offering objects imbued with poetry and humor. The designer dresses you up with pictures, gives you a smile, takes you travelling with her. Vegetable bags, Paris bag, flea market messenger bags for your walks! Fabric storage boxes, decorative wall pouches, bread baskets for your home. Whether on your shoulder, at hand, or in your home, Maron Bouillie items will give your everyday a fresh touch and good mood.

The Designer

Maron Bouillie goes off for a walk to fill her basket with images, she tames wavy blades of grass and gathers wisps of air.

Back in her studio, Maron Bouillie exposes those delicate moments, sprinkles her ideas to keep them fresh and creates gear that looks good on you.

Maron Bouillie plants her collections. Paris or La Provence, leek bag, radish bag, baker’s shop or grocer’s shop bags, each of them is special…

According to the spirit of the times, the items grow differently.

A bit of mimetism, a handful of detournement, Maron Bouillie sows the seeds of poetry

Maron Bouillie aka Marie Bouillie lives and works in Paris.

She spent her childhood in the countryside in an old typical house that her parents restored. The garden, the nature, the attics and the neighbors' farms are his favorite playgrounds. When she comes home from school, she goes to get the milk on the farm or climbs into the cherry tree to taste it. On weekends, she builds huts in the woods or makes jewelery with flowers and what she finds in nature. At the age of 16, she went to study applied arts in the Parisian grandes écoles. At Boulle school then at Duperré school where she studied fashion and design. Passionate, she spends her free time in museums or theaters.

Became visual artist, designer and photographer Maron Bouillie is particularly interested in atypical projets, both in the field of fashion and live show. She designs exhibitions of hijacked objects, performances with balloons and participates in creations with different companies of spectacle. Notably that of her husband Pascal Ayerbe for whom she still creates today the visual universe of his shows and his records.

In 2003, she created her firm and her trademark Maron Bouillie, under which she launched her first collections. By means of photography and printing she "makes objects in the image". Always close to nature and listening to its environment, Maron Bouillie takes a poetic look at the object, its use, its image as we play on words. If her collections are born of cravings and caprices, they are primarily pretexts to stories ...

Today, Maron Bouillie continues to create honest-to-goodness objects inspired by her childhood, her love of rambling, the French culture and traditions The collections are sold worldwide. The products are made in France and Japan with a high quality requirement.

The little Pixie

Emblem of the brand, the little Pixie tells the life of Maron Bouillie.



Made in France Anxious to provide quality products and preserve local know-how, The little Pixie works with French partners at all stages of production. Thus, from creation to expedition, the products are born from the hands of agile weavers and seamstresses with fairy fingers.

Environmental - Aware of environmental issues, Maron Bouillie uses eco-friendly fabrics. The products are printed on recycled polyester (plastic bottle), and lined with organic cotton. Packaging is minimized with only paper and cardboard.

Japanese - The celebrity of Maron Bouillie is growing up in the land of the rising sun, so the products are also made in Japan. Thus the little Lutin no longer has air sickness and can focus locally on specific creations.

This approach makes it possible to offer authentic, sustainable and ethical products from conception to end of life, all of the planet.

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